Let’s See Who Shares This


I know that many of my Facebook Friends will ignore this post, or will read it and move on. But some of you are my real friends, people who care, people whose hearts go out to others. You know who you are.

With all the illnesses that plague mankind, relatively unnoticed is a condition known as Pre-paronychial Syndrome, or PPS. For those who are afflicted, every day is a living hell. Millions of people suffer silently in the knowledge that there is no cure for PPS and none on the horizon. I am one of them.

In winter, the simple act of pulling on my gloves fills me with dread. I grit my teeth and steel myself against the possibility of sudden stabbing pain. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does it’s beyond description. It literally feels like my flesh is being torn off.

Reaching into a drawer, putting on a seat belt, changing a battery; any of these simple everyday things can trigger an attack. There’s no relief. I endure the pain until it passes, and mercifully, it eventually does. But it can seem like an eternity.

Sometimes I bleed when it happens. This is very embarrassing. I’m always afraid I’ll get blood on someone’s clothing or furniture. I carry around wads of tissues, just in case.

Some other sufferers I know, in their desperation, perform acts of self-mutilation, assaulting the suspect area with a sharp object. I will never do such a thing to myself, and I hope it never gets that bad.

But amazingly, the so-called medical establishment seems to tolerate this practice, at least the few doctors who have spoken publicly about it. Many of them won’t even say the name “PPS,” as if silence could make it go away. What kind of world do we live in?

Needless to say, it is critically important that we raise global awareness of this threat to our health and well-being. That is why, with this post, I’m issuing a clarion call to action.

Medical research into PPS is vital, and, so far, there has been precious little. So, let’s get those scientists off their complacent asses. Let’s spread this message to every Facebook user in the world!

I hope my real friends will join me, but like most laudable pursuits, it won’t be easy. Just clicking on “Share” won’t work. You have to copy it onto your Facebook home page—but not by hitting “Copy” and “Paste.”

One of the standards Facebook applies, when determining if a post is “important” enough not to bury or delete altogether, is whether it’s been copied and pasted. So, I’m afraid they’ve made us work a little harder.

I’m asking you to use your computer keyboard to copy this post, letter by letter and word for word, directly onto your Facebook page. Do the same on your timeline.

If you’re a member of any Facebook group or groups, go to their home pages and manually type in the message there as well. I know it’s an imposition, but they’ve forced this upon us, and your conscience will thank you.

Please help us make this happen. For me and the millions of others who suffer from this dread disorder. We’re depending on you. Let’s come together to spread the word. Let’s shine the healing light of compassion into the cruel darkness of apathy.

If we raise our voices now, maybe someday we’ll all rejoice in the news. That the world is finally free of Pre-paronychial Syndrome forever!

May God bless you all, and let’s see who shares this.


* * *


Robert Trebor: Done, done, done, done, and done!


Evelyn Eveningstar: I have arthritis in both my hands, so typing is difficult for me. I’m also a member of 15 different Facebook groups. But I managed to do it, although I needed several breaks, because my heart went out to you. It made my own suffering pale in comparison. Even as I struggle to finish this comment, and my gnarled fingers fail me, I send out hopes and prayers for an eventual cu


Ted D. Bear: (Sadness emoji. Heart emoji. Broken heart emoji.)


Vox Rationalus: There are so many worthy causes and charities out there. You can find them on Facebook as easily as you find this chain-letter stuff. It’s a waste of time. It only takes you away from real activity, the kind that accomplishes something.

Consider this post, for instance. Do you know why doctors don’t talk about PPS? Because no one ever went to a doctor about it.

And that sharp object that sufferers wield in their assault on the “suspect area”? I’ve got a newsflash for you: It’s called cuticle scissors.

Pre-paronychial Syndrome is just a fancy term for a HANGNAIL!

Can we all just get a life? Please, I’m begging you. Don’t share this!